Ashampoo Uninstaller for PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP]

Not every software is worth downloading. Because most of the applications are not trust-worthy and they are only made to destroy a user’s device. Yes, there are some Desktop applications to help you locate safe software, but there is no other way of knowing whether a software is secure to download or not. So whenever you download a malicious software, you know about its security threats after you have downloaded it. Now you uninstall it, but still, its fragments are left your device’s storage. To uninstall software with no fragments left, I present to you Ashampoo Uninstaller for PC.

A great thing about Ashampoo Uninstaller is that it provides you with detailed snaps of the changes done to your PC. It tells you what your PC looked like before installing software and then let you know what changes it has made in the past days. Users are allowed to enable this facility to automatic or manual. To be honest, it’s better if you have enabled both facilities. Let the application pick what it thinks is best for you, while you also collect snaps that you consider are worth remembering. But to be sure, navigate into the Snapshots menu from the left-side panel and see if the settings are enabled according to your desires.

How Ashampoo Uninstaller Works?

Ashampoo Uninstaller collects a full log of a user’s installed software. So that when he is trying to uninstall any application, this software has already picked up its fragments and deletes them instantly. The software UI is simple and you can easily access it as per your desires. In this software, you can encounter all the Windows apps as well as third-party programs that are installed on your PC.

The main interface of Ashampoo Uninstaller consists of four main tabs.

Applications Installed: In this category, you can encounter all the third-party apps and uninstall them with two or three clicks.

Installations Logged: See the detail on the file and apps that are installed on your PC. See the directories and if you want, only delete a specific file of an application.

Plug-ins Installed: What sort of plug-ins you have installed to make your experience worth a while with this software. Get a full list of installed add-ons and even add more with ease.

Windows Apps Installed: This category helps you find all the applications which are installed by default. You can uninstall a Windows application, but I would recommend you do it, only if you know the reactions of deleting the app.

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