Best Alternative App Stores for Android, iOS and Chinese Phones

After the operating system is App Stores are the most important software/app for any device. This is the place where you can install the apps to make your device more productive and more useful. Now every operating system has its own official App Store. For example, iOS has App Store, Android has Google Play Store/Huawei App Gallery. Chinese phones have their own store and computer operating systems have their own App Market.

People usually rely on these stores to install their favorite apps. Sometimes these app stores don’t work especially when the OS version is old. Or, people get bored of trying the same thing every day. You may don’t know but there are hundreds of App Stores that you never heard of.

 Best Alternatives to App Stores

Android has alternative Apps APKs, iOS has IPA Apps files and Chinese phones also have hundreds of other options from where they can install apps. People who don’t like to keep their phone stocks like they love to root, jailbreak their phones. Some are addicted to using custom ROMs on their phones. We highly recommend these App Store Alternatives to them.

Best Alternative App Stores for Android

Here is the best alternative to Play Store on Android. These are the world’s most popular APK websites that had developed their own apps for installing APKs. Now they became a proper app store and people love to use them.


After uptodown, the apkpure became the best Play Store Alternative. You can install the Apkpure app from the official website. This app contains all apps that are present on Google Play, infact there are thousands of app that are removed from Google Play but available on the Apkpure app. So, that’s why we recommend installing and use Apkpure as a Play Store alternative. Users can install any version of any app they want which is not possible on Google Play.

Uptodown App

Uptodown is the biggest Apk platform in the world and there is no doubt. There are many apps on uptodown that are downloaded more times as compare to the Google Play stats. For example, Snaptube which was once available on Google Play is now downloaded over 1.5 billion times. That’s just one app but enough to make you guess the true caliber of this app. It is surely one of the best alternative App Stores for Android. Alot of app which you can’t find on the Play Store is available with all previous versions on Apptodie.

Apart from the Android APKs, Uptodown also contains thousands of Windows Software that you may like to try.


There is also an interesting story linked with Aptoide. In the previous year, we heard the news of a conflict between Google Android and Huawei. This issue was so intense that Huawei announced their phone’s divorce with Android and Google Play Services. At that time they launched a new OS named Harmony OS. The problem was finding or developing one complete app store in a limited time.

That was the time when the Aptoide App Store caught the attention of Huawei. The company was considering making Aptoide their official App Store until they create their own one which was Huawei App Gallery.

Apk Mirror – Best Play Store Alternative (Developers Special)

AptoideIf we talk about security, authenticity, Safe files, and the best tools for developing Android Apps then ApkMirror is on top. This app store is backed by highly professional tech experts which are one of the world’s top developers. and applications are under the proprietorship of Illogical Robot LLC. It is the same company that runs the top technology blog Android Police. Another highly reputed blog Makeuseof has ranked Apkpure as the top APK provider in the world.

Amazon App Store

One of the richest companies by the richest man has stepped into this field last year. Amazon is the tech giant and every internet user knows about it. Every product by amazon is a complete piece of perfection so is their App Store. Right now it comes art 4th in rank on a list of best Play Store Alternatives because it is new. Its collection of apps, versions, and overall algorithm is not as good as the above-mentioned ones.

These were the best Best Alternative App Stores for Android. After the Android Google Play Store Alternatives, we are moving towards the App Store best Alternatives.

Best Alternative to App Store

Apple users may not be interested in any of these as they don’t know how to use these. We are just posting these for information so that they know iOS is very vast and users don’t have to limit themselves.


90% of iPhone users don’t have much sense of technology. They exactly don’t know how much their device is capable of. If they come to know what modification they can do on iPhone they will surely get AppCake for their iPhone. There are different techniques to install AppCake on iPhone. In some cases users need to jailbreak iPhone to install AppCake on iOS 14 and in others, users can install AppCake without Jailbreak. Jailbreak or not! depends on the iOS version mostly.

GetJar: App Stores for iphones

Best Alternative App Stores It was developed in 2004 by a brilliant app developer Ilja Laurs. This is probably the most popular alternative to App Store. GetJar has many distinguished features under its proprietorship. It was the only App Store in the world with no advertisements even not in the apps. Later this idea was adopted by many other developers but you know trendsetter always comes first. This Apple app store download alternative has over 0.85M apps. Some of the apps are not even available on the official iOS store.

Appland: App Store for iPhone

Appland is the perfect alternative to the iOS App Store if you want to reach end-users in international markets such as Indonesia, Mexico, Oman, USA, Iran, El Salvador, Malaysia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Panama, Myanmar, Cambodia, Egypt, and others. Appland is a little behind in conceptual clarity in terms of distribution and revenue model, but app store support is very sensitive, so it’s worth considering.

TutuApp: App Store iOS Best Alternative

TutuApp was one of the first app stores that show iPhone users some light of freedom. Apple doesn’t like to enable its users for trying something new and neither they give it from their side. TutuApp is one of the biggest reasons why people jailbreak their iPhones and iOS devices. The alternative to the iOS App Store includes collaborative SDKs, a simple app submission process, and support for multiple payment methods.

Who says app stores can’t be apps? TutuApp’s alternative iPhone app store has over 300 million users and supports multiple languages.

AppValley: Second Best App Store Alternative

Best Alternative App Stores After the TuTuApp if some source truly deserves to be called an App Store Alternative then that is AppValley. For more than 3 years this App Store is popular among iOS users. AppValley is an independent American digital distribution service operated by AppValley LLC. It operates as an alternative app store for iOS. AppValley for iOS allows users to download applications that are not available on the App Store, most commonly tweaked “++” apps, jailbreak apps, and pirated apps including paid apps on the app store.


There is a discussion since the revolution of technology. Stock vs Modified which is better! There is no conclusion to this discussion because it depends on everyone’s personal taste, likeness, and dislikeness. If you don’t want to use the stock App Store of operating systems then use the alternative ones. And, if you don’t like the modified stuff then use the stock one that’s simple! So, viewers! this is all from us. These were the best alternative for Android and Apple official App Stores. If you liked the information then please share it with your friends and followers on social media platforms.


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