Download Avast Antivirus for PC, Windows [32 Bit, 64 Bit]

We are using Avast Antivirus personally on our Laptops. It’s quite impressive how quickly it detects the malware or virus and let us remove it quickly. Our team was searching for the best Antivirus for Windows. Most of the software experts have recommended Avast or Avira. These 2 are reliable and you can try both of these. Examine which software satisfy you, after that paying for premium will not be a bad decision. Our main topic is to guide users about the downloading and installation of Avast Antivirus for PC. But, first, we want to tell new users why Antivirus is necessary for the computer?

Avast Antivirus for PC

Why Antivirus is necessary for our device?

Antivirus is one of the essential software for computers and mobiles. No doubt the whole world is running on Internet technology but sometimes it can give a serious headache. A wise man said, “once you connected to the internet you are destroyed”. Inspite of the internet pros there are also serious security and privacy concerns in it. Antivirus is such software that lets us avoid unavoidable circumstances on Laptops and smartphones.


Now there are many top-notch software developers. They are busy in developing the strongest Antivirus apps and software. If we talk about one developer which are the best and most famous in developing antivirus than Avast came on top. Over the years Avast Antivirus software has proved it’s superiority over competitors. We also prefer to use Avast Antivirus for PC over other software.

Users will get the 30 days free trial period as a gift for downloading Avast Antivirus on PC. The offers are applicable only on the first time installation. You can check either Avast Antivirus worth your money or not during the trial. This software is absolutely trustable and it will treat your PC like its own property.


File Name: avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe
Author: Avast Software
File Size: 6.82 MB
License: Free (Trial only)
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

How to Download Avast Antivirus for PC?

Windows and Software are very easy to install. Because all software gives on-screen instructions that help users in installation. Still, if any of you want help in the installation procedure of Avast Antivirus for PC then you can take help from previous guides. We have mentioned the detailed procedure to install any software. Almost all Windows apps and software have the same procedure.

Avast v/s Avira:

Avast Antivirus is good but Avira also has its own class. In Antivirus software these both are the biggest rivals. According to our point of view personal experience, both are the best. And, their purpose is the same too. Both are developed to secure your computer from viruses and corrupt files. Now it’s your choice. The only difference is strategy because Avira is good in defense for Anti-malware, on the other hand, Avast is good in finding and removing Malware.


Now we are answering the frequently asked question about the Avast Antivirus for PC. These are the most common questions mentioned in different questioning answering platforms. So, it’s necessary to answer these.

How can I download Avast Antivirus for my PC?

There are various methods by which you can download Avast Antivirus for PC. The first one is easy, you just need to click on the download button at the top. After that, you can get the latest version of Avast for PC through our Google Drive link.

The second procedure is also easy, visit the It is the official website of Avast. You can downlaod and install all Avast software for PC. This method is better because you will also get the latest news about Avast and discounted rates from the official website.

Avast Antivirus for PC

Many of us don’t know we can also download the Android Avast app for PC through Android emulators. But this procedure is lengthy as well as difficult too for the computer beginners. So, we don’t recommend this method. Overall, the first method is the best.

Is Avast Free Antivirus safe for PC?

Of course, this software is absolutely safe. Infact, Avast makes your Laptop or Desktop more secure. Avast Antivirus alone is enough to protect home WiFi, mobile and PC internal data. Overall, this app is excellent and deserves the price tag which is placed on it. Avast offers different subscriptions according to time duration. Choose the package which suits your pocket.

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