Download BARS for PC, Windows 10 – New App for Emerging Rappers by Facebook

Whenever Facebook launches a new project, one thing is clear that it will gonna be super amazing. Facebook’s internal team joined hands to develop a new project for the emerging rappers. The app is known as BARS named after the important element of Rap music. Rap is the sub-genre of Hip Hop and it is the fastest-growing music genre nowadays. Previously the rappers were using different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, and others to show what they got. But, now they have their own platforms. This is the dream news for the emerging rapper who want the world to recognize their talent.

BARS Rappers Delight for PC

Get ready rap lovers! Maybe you are going to get a new Eminem or Tupac Shakur (Late) or maybe Notorious B.I.G (Late). BARS is surely going to bring the revolution in the RAP world. Their tagline Got bars? Get BARS clearly shows what this app is all about. This app is currently available on Apple App Store and soon the Android users will get it on Google Play. This app is brand new and not many people know about this app. So, we brought this tutorial as a 2 in one. Users will get to know how to download BARS Rapper’s Delight for pc. Also, the users will get to know what is BARS App and how can it change the scenario of Hip Hop.

How To Download BARS Rappers Delight For PC?

Before writing down the procedure, we want to clarify that BARS for Android is not available yet. You can only download BARS Rappers Delight for PC once it hit on Google Play Store. We are writing down the procedure in advance, once the BARS app available on Google Play, you can install BARS Rappers Delight for PC through these steps.

First Step: Download an Android Emulator

In Android Emulators selection, you have got many options like Genymotion, LD Player, Tencent Gameloop, BlueStacks, and Nox App Player. If you want our recommendation then our vote goes for BlueStacks and Nox App Player. Recently we wrote about the latest version of BlueStacks 5 Offline installers for Windows and macOS, viewers must visit it. Guide to install Nox App Player on Windows PC and Mac is also already drafted.

Second Step – Installation, Configuration, and Registration

  1. Double click on the BlueStacks/Nox EXE file. Allow the software to make changes in your computer by clicking on the “Yes”. Follow the on-screen instructions and it will lead users to the BlueStacks/Nox home screen.
  2. To activate the Google Play Services on BlueStacks, users need to enter their Google Account. Open the Google Play App on Emulator, enter your account, it’s a one-time process.

In case, a user doesn’t have a Google Account, he/she can directly create a new account from the BlueStacks or Nox App Player. After all these formalities, you will be ready to use BARS for PC.

Final Step – BARS App Download for PC

Visit the Google Play Store on an emulator, type the BARS name, and hit enter. Click on the Install button and get BARS for PC Download. The user is ready to use the app and show the world what he got.

Learn from BARS to get BARS!

Just like other music genres, Rap also contains a lot of elements. There are different components that together make a complete Rap. Flows, Bars, verses, and Rhyming these elements are necessary. BARS can teach you all of these with the help of other rappers. Actually, the BARS app is a community of rappers. Here different rappers present their raps on different topics. You can point out their mistakes and they can point out your weak points. Together you can promote Hip Hop and RAP art. Don’t try to diss each other, be friendly until you arrive at a professional level.

Show the World your rapping style. Show your command on your flow and rhyming. Teach how to be a poet and how to be a philosopher, Inspire the newcomers with poetic sense and word selections. Finally, you can become the real rapper if you manage to keep the good collaboration between all these elements.

Thanks to the New Product Experimentation from Facebook to take the initiative of promoting Rap Art. Mark my words “BARS will take the Hip Hop game to another level and it will be the legendary app in future. It will produce the most number of genuine rappers than any other label or platform”.


Rap became violent sometimes, some words, accents, expressions, and aggressions are not suitable for kid’s eyes and years. So the app is suitable only for 13+ age. Parents should keep their children away from this app.

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