Download EyeInCloud for Windows 11/10/8/7 [CMS for Laptop]

Download EyeInCloud for PC, a Professional CMS for organizations, offices, and houses. We are going to guide you on how to install EyeInCloud for Windows 11, Windows 10, and previous module devices. Also, we will guide the MacOS users on how they can use EyeInCloud on MacOS for free. Let the tutorial begin with a short review of EyeInCloud.

EyeInCloud Overview

EyeInCloud is the CMS for camera surveillance. It telecasts the live video feed coming from the CCTV Cameras through DVRs, NVRs, and IPC Network. This Cloud surveillance tool is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. So, we can say you are getting nearly complete compatibility. Sorry to Linux users they have to manage their Surveillance tool on their own.

EyeInCloud for PC

If we talk about at what scale EyeInCloud Works! It nearly deals with all three scales. You can use the EyeInCloud for small scales like Home usage, Apartment surveillance, Studio Apartments, etc. It also deals pretty well with medium scale enterprises, Office with the complete floor, multiple rooms, a Warehouse, etc. EyeInCloud can come in handy when it comes to CCTV Setup at giant-size headquarters, buildings, Malls, etc. But, we recommend dealing with a proper company like HikVision and Dahua, these options are more convenient at a large scale.

Requirements, Download Links, and Key Features

Here are the requirements to Download EyeInCloud for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Download Links through which you can download the CMS on compatible devices. Also, check out the features which make this Cloud Surveillance tool worth downloading, Install and use.


Particular Supported OS CPU  RAM Memory 
Windows Windows 8/10/11 Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen R3 4 GB 197 MB
Mac OS Mac OS 11 Apple M1 Chip 4 GB 300 MB
Android At least Android 5.0 Android Octacore 2 GB 43 MB
iOS At least iOS 10.0 Apple A13 Bionic 3 GB 54 MB

Download Links

Here are the download links.

Download for PC
Download for Mac
Download for Android
Download for iPhone
Download for iPad

Check out the noteworthy features of EyeInCloud for PC.

  • Real-time live video monitoring in HD quality.
  • Supports PTZ controls that are compulsory for any CMS.
  • Playback option for recorded videos as well as Capture snapshots.
  • Users can connect and monitor multiple CCTV cameras concurrently.
  • Instant alerts of alarm notifications on motion detection and sound detection.
  • Access devices from remote locations from anywhere you want, Wifi or Mobile data is compulsory.

How to Download EyeInCloud for PC

Here is the procedure for downloading EyeInCloud for Windows and MacOS. Both OS have pretty same steps involved in the installation of EyeInCloud for PC. Follow the steps in addition to the screenshots that are illustrated for accurate following and minimal misunderstanding.

Select the language that is easily understandable for him/her. We are continuing with the English.

EyeInCloud for PC

You have to select the location, where you want to install the software then click on the Next option.

EyeInCloud for PC

It will start installing the EyeInCloud for PC. You have to wait until the installation gets complete.

EyeInCloud for PC

Click on the Finish button to close the installation Wizard, After the installation gets complete.

EyeInCloud for PC

Enter the default username and password provided by the company.

EyeInCloud for PC

Select your desired security questions and enter their answers, it is for the administration rights protection, After completing formalities click on the OK button.

Click on the Resource management option at the EyeIncloud Starter home. Through this option, a user can Add, Edit and Delete Device anytime.

Click on the Add option in order to add the IP Cameras manually.

EyeInCloud for Windows

Enter the IP Address/IP Range/Domain Name/Serial Number/URL, Protocol, Port, Username, Password, Test, Delete. After completing the Forum click on the OK.

EyeInCloud for Windows

Now head back to the EyeInCloud main home, select the Live View.

You are ready to view the live camera surveillance through the connection of EyeInCloud for PC.

That’s all! For any query, misunderstanding, or complications, You can contact us through the comment section which connects our team with our viewers.

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