Download GeniusEye for PC, Windows 11/10 Computers [2022]

Here is the procedure to download GeniusEye for PC. This app is developed by the same Chinese team which is behind the creation of V380, one of the most sought-after CCTV tools. The GeniusEye app is developed for Android and it is only available for smartphone platforms. As Camera monitoring is mostly done on laptops and Desktops so, we thought it would be better if we install GeniusEye for PC in an unofficial way.

We will provide you with a couple of guides, through which you can install GeniusEye for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and GeniusEye for MacOS. The V380 for PC is officially available but GeniusEye is not. Anyhow, let’s start with the introduction to GeniusEye to see what this app has and what’s not! Later, we will write down the guides.

Introduction to GeniusEye

GeniusEye is a surveillance tool that lets you monitor real-time video surveillance of CCTV Cameras. Such a tool is suitable for all scales, which means you can use it in a small size home and large size factory too, medium scales are easily covered too. Home, office, shop even a giant headquarter, is not a big deal for GeniusEye. Now the GeniusEye allows you the share the surveillance with your friends, family, and managers. In Case, you are not available for Monitoring then some other have to do the job. Share your device to let friends and relatives watch it together and make a voice call with your family.

GeniusEye Features

The app is loaded with modern CCTV-supported features like Alarms on detections, Alert Notifications, Dark Killer, etc. In case, the camera detects any motion or voice activity in the house, the Camera will instantly send you a short message.

GeniusEye for PC
GeniusEye for PC

GeniusEye supports the 2 viewing modes like other video player apps. One is the standard Definition mode, in which you can monitor the surveillance in SD Quality. Another one is the high-definition mode that allows users to monitor live Video Surveillance in HD quality. Adapt to various network environments, and can watch as fast as the traffic is not enough.

Adding Cameras to GeniusEye

The best and main thing about the GeniusEye app is adding devices’ ease. This means, with just one click you can add the camera into the app as it supports the automatic configuration using WiFi, QR Code, or smart home devices. A very tedious installation and setting process for the users. Also, the operation is very simple. Users can playback any device just using the mobile phone or GeniusEye on Windows PC.

GeniusEye for Windows 11 [Installation Method]

Windows 11 is the newly launched OS by Microsoft for computers. This operating system will be the game-changer in the computer world. For the first time ever we got stock support for Mobile Apps on PC on Computer operating systems. Windows 11 is collaborating with Amazon App Store to bring mobile apps for PC. Users have to install and activate the Windows subsystem for Android. Through WSA users can install Google Play Store on Windows 11. In the end, users will be easy enough to get an Android app including GeniusEye Download for PC.

How to Download GeniusEye for PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Here is the procedure to download GeniusEye for Windows 10 and below versions, macOS users can also follow the same guide because the procedure is similar for both OSs. First of all, users need to download and install Android Emulator. Which are the main source of emulating Android Apps on PC to date.

Among all Android Emulators which we used for the past decades, BlueStacks and Nox are the only ones that worth to be considering. Specifically, Android Apps like GeniusEye for PC both emulators are the best. Our Recommendation is BlueStacks for Windows and Nox App Player for MacOS.

Using any of these emulators and enabling Google Play Services on them, you can install and use GeniusEye for PC.


Without any Doubt, GeniusEye is a use-worthy app. But, if we compare it with the elder brother V380 app, GeniusEye seems like nothing. Also, using Android Emulators is not a good option for us. We think, that a user should always rely on official software with a direct installation procedure. There are dozens of CMS Software that we already drafted on, we should check them.

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