Download Genshin Impact for Windows 11 PC and Mac OS 12 Computers

Get the new viral game Genshin on your computers from here. In this tutorial, we will write down the Genshin Impact gameplay, storyline, and much more. Check why this game became so popular. What’s new in Genshin Impact? And most importantly, what are the possible ways to install Genshin Impact on your Computer.

Why Genshin Impact Release is causing the buzz?

People always remain in search of something. The Digital Gaming world is so fast and so innovative. Every day the gaming community witness something new, theme, gameplay, storyline, characters, modes, skins, and much more. It doesn’t mean that the new game brings all of these elements newly unless the game is Genshin Impact. Since the release of this game, animation lovers are going crazy behind it. Secondly, this game brings the new gaming concept “The gods of elements” Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.

Genshin Impact for PC


This game embarks you on the journey of conquering the world of Tevyat teeming with life and flowing with elemental energy. The Unknown God has thrown you and your siblings into a whole new fantasy world. The new one is very different from the old world where you first arrived. You are not here for nothing. There is an important mission behind this migration.

You and your crew have to find the Seven answers to seven questions. Each element God is the custodian of each answer. So, you need to read to 7 Gods of each element to seek the answer to an unsolved mystery _ A never answered the question!

Genshin Impact for PC

Now the journey begins where you will get some allies and enemies, some barriers and supports, etc. A wide range of characters will accompany you in exploring the inch of a mythical land. Get ready to reveal the never-solved mysteries that Tevyat holds! Maybe you are the chosen one!

Graphics and Visuals

This game is an iconic 3D illustration. The development team has probably given the best of their talent, hard work, and art. The magical thing about the game is the sceneries and natural elements. Infact the gamer will feel the same as he or she is watching the scene in real life. Mountains, Rivers, Greenery, Glides, living organisms everything looks jaw-dropping. If we talk about the game elements like characters, powers, etc. They compete with the scenes of best science fiction movies. You will enjoy each and every moment of this game.

The Sound!

Talking about visuals and graphics! but how can we even forget the sound? Well, the game graphics and visuals are supported by a melodious rhythm. London Philharmonic Orchestra has given their best for the soundtrack of Genishin Impact. The combination of Orchestra music and the Tevyat Mythical world will glue you to your computer chair.

Game Compatibility

Genshin Impact is released on various devices and operating systems like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, iOS. Windows 11 Final version does not arrive yet! Even if the game supports Windows 11, you can’t play it smoothly. So people who want to install and Play Genshin Impact for Windows 11! We want them to wait for the first Windows 11 stable release (Expected at the end of this year). Till the time they can play Genshin Impact on Windows 10 officially.

Requirements to Play Genshin Impact on PC (Windows)

These are the recommended requirements (not minimum) that can run the Genshin Impact for PC smoothly.

The game supports the following Windows versions: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, or Windows 10 64-bit.

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 equivalent or higher
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB and higher
  • DirectX version: 11
  • Storage: Please reserve 30 GB of space

Here is the official link to Download Genshin Impact on your PC.

Download Game

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How to install Genshin Impact for PC (Mac)

Well, there is bad news and good news for Mac OS users at the same time. Should we go with the bad first? The Genshin Impact is not released for Mac OS and maybe it will never be! This is the same statement that all expert gaming blogs are giving.

Genshin Impact for Windows 11

Now it’s time for the good news! You can still play the Genshin Impact on macOS Monterey 12, 11 Big Sur, and versions above Mojave. But, mac OS users will rely on Android Emulators for this. Only the Android Emulators can let them install and play Genshin Impact for PC Mac.

1. Download BlueStacks from the Official site or visit our tutorial,

BlueStacks 5

2. Install the Emulator, launch it, and complete the requirements. Don’t forget to register your Google Account on the Play Store inside the emulator.

3. Download the Genshin Impact APK file from

4. Drag and Drop the APK file inside the BlueStacks. Remember, enable the unknown resources in BlueStacks is necessary.

5. Once you dropped the APK file inside BlueStacks, it will prompt a confirmation pop-up, click on the install button. Wait for the installation due time.

Once the installation is complete, open game > Sign-in > Play, That’s All!

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