Download iSkysoft ToolBox for Android on Windows 10 [32-Bit & 64-Bit]

iSkysoft Toolbox for Android is the complete tool kit that deals with Android devices on PC. This software is mainly used to recover lost data in Android. Just like our previous recommendation iMyfone D-Back which was the iOS data recovery tool, iSkysoft ToolBox is to recover deleted data on Android.

Why we need iSkysoft ToolBox for Android on PC:

The bad things don’t knock the door before coming, may you have heard it. Smartphones are facility no doubt but they are also sensitive. Just a tap by mistake and your precious data can be lost. It happens with many of us. Even some users reported that their younger sibling or child have deleted important photos while playing with the phone. If you ever meet such a situation try the iSkysoft ToolBox for Android before getting worried.

Its success ratio is satisfactory. It can recover the deleted data from the Android device’s internal memory and memory card as well. The simple and neat user interface makes it more easy to use. Even an average person can accomplish the desired task by just a few clicks.

Other than data recovery it also offers several built-in utilities. For example, you can backup data on this app and restore it anytime. Now is more easy for you to transfer data from PC to Android and vice versa in a strongly encrypted environment. The features list doesn’t end here. There are many more noteworthy specialties of this tool.

Other Utilities in iSkysoft ToolBox for Android:

It is also a good Rooting software for Android. You can root all Android latest and old version using iSkysoft ToolBox for Android. If someone forgot the password of the Android lock screen they can remove it from iSkysoft ToolBox.

Are you just facing the SIM card lock due to carrier issues? This tool will let you unlock it. Many professional Youtubers and Tech vloggers record screens to make tutorials on computers and smartphones. If you want to do the same than iSkysoft ToolBox for Android offers a pretty good Screen Recorder too. Hence, iSkysoft ToolBox for Android has proved that it is a complete, versatile and effective toolkit. You are getting a hell of advantages under just one shelter. This tool deserves to get tired atleast once.

How to Download iSkysoft Toolbox for Android on Laptop(Windows and Mac):

We have uploaded the latest iSkysoft ToolBox for the Android version on our Google Drive. To download iSkysoft Toolbox for Android on Windows or Mac, click on the download button present above.

  • After clicking on the Download button, you will move towards Google Drive.
  • There is a download button on Drive appeared page, click on that.
  • At the next step, Google will ask you to select that account which you want to use with Google Drive.
  • And, at the last click on the Download anyway button.
  • Locate the toolbox_setup_full4680.exe file in your computer, double click on it.

To install iSkysoft ToolBox for Android on PC you just need to follow the on-screen instructions. Remember you have to allow the app to makes changes in your device. So, don’t forget to click on Yes when Windows prompt.

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