Download Lightsail VPN for PC, Windows 10 Laptop/Desktop – MacOS Computers

Download Lightsail VPN for PC to unblock all restricted apps and websites in your region. Virtual private networks are playing the role of facilitators to internet users. They are easing the life of internet users for decades and still, their importance is unignorable. Since the establishment of this blog, we are bringing the best VPNs, that work 100%. Most of them are free and some of the professional level VPN services are paid. Lightsail VPN is free for all users and it doesn’t that this VPN is less capable. In fact, the author of this tutorial is using this tool since last year and didn’t ever feel to shift to another VPN app. It is single-handed enough to meet tasks and their accomplishments.

Lightsail VPN for PC

We will talk more about the app after the procedure section. All of you came here to let yourself know how to download Lightsail VPN for PC. The author is demonstrating a guide, through which computer users can install LightSail VPN for PC, Windows 10/8/8.1/7 and macOS 10.14/10.15/11, etc.

Use the Emulator to get Lightsail VPN Download for PC

An Android emulator is a must here. The Lightsail VPN is available for Android only, neither iOS nor Windows, or macOS. Obviously, we need a middle-man software known as Android Emulators. Such software will let you operate Android apps on a PC including Lightsail VPN for PC.

When it comes to Android emulators nobody does it better than the BlueStacks and Nox. These two are holding the status of legends, they brought the revolution in the operating systems industry. For the first time, users were able to run 2 operating systems on each device at a time. Windows and macOS users have the privilege to get the BlueStacks and Nox for free anytime they want.

By the way, we already explained how to download and install BlueStacks and Nox App Player on PC. Here are the links to guides.

Installing LightSail VPN for PC

LightSail VPN APK can be installed only on Android by default. To run Android apps such as the LightSail VPN app on Windows, Mac, or other cross platforms we need to emulate it. For emulating the LightSail VPN app for PC we required an Android emulator like BlueStacks, Nox, or Memu. Actually, these emulators are self-tested and we conclude these as the best Android emulators for Windows and Mac. BlueStacks is our first choice to download the LightSail VPN app for PC, LightSail VPN App for Windows. and LightSail VPN App for Mac.

Lightsail VPN for PC

Time Needed: 20 Min (If your internet connection provides enough speed).

1) Visit BlueStacks official site, or click on the above button which we have prepared for you.

2) After downloading BlueStacks, you need to run the BlueStacks Setup.exe file for installation. Allow the BlueStacks to make changes to your computer.

3) After the installation of the emulator, complete the requirements. The emulator will guide the user itself.

Download App APK

4) Once registration gets completed, your PC will redirect you to BlueStacks home screen. Click on the BlueStacks APK installer, Or drag and drop the downloaded LightSail VPN App Apk file to BlueStacks.

5) Click on the Install option and wait for the completion of installation. Once app installed completely, open the app and establish the connection by choosing your favorite location.

Features of Lightsail VPN

  • If unblocking is art then Lightsail VPN is Picasso of it. It can unblock any website or app you named. Lightsail VPN unblocks Social Media, Video hosts, VoIP, streaming sites, and much more.
  • User’s identities will not be revealed to anyone, they can surf anonymously without having an eye on them. All credentials and saved data on the browser will remain inside the strong encryption.
  • No logs and registration requirements, totally function on the plug and play. Install the app and the next step is to tap on the connect button. Just the 2 steps and the internet is yours.


If we only talk about the free VPNs, then Lightsail VPN is among the top ones. But, if we talk about the best VPNs of all time then Lightsail VPN can never even come close to the caliber of NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and PureVPN, etc. So our recommendation is if your usage is not so professional then Lightsail VPN is best. But, if you want to experience the ultimate VPN services then choose apps like Nord, Express, or CyberGhost.

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