Download Mobirise for Desktop/Laptop, Windows/Mac [32-Bit & 64-Bit]

Mobirise lets us develop the websites of all types easily. It is the WordPress alike platform that lets you create your own business or advertise the website of your company. Development and designing of a professional level websites is not the granny’s home. But, Mobirise makes this task easiest for you more than any other. Not just in design but it also offers alot of equipment to make the Website complete. For example, theme selection, HTML editing, uploading media files Audios, Videos, Documents, Images, etc. If someone wants to design a shopping site than Mobirise offers Paypal Cart for it.

Why should people try Mobirise?

Since the begining of a blogging career, our team is using WordPress. It is the best platform to develop a website for professional or advertisement purposes. It is the era of e-Commerce and the best way to advertise your business is the official website. Especially if you are doing a selling business then the website is a must. To be honest making Website on WordPress is very complicated especially for the computer beginners. You can take help from online tutorials but still, it will consume much time. In such a situation Mobirise the trustworthy partner.

To deal with the search engine matters Mobirise provides an enhanced SEO tool. Also if there is any problem with your website here, their customer support is active for you 24/7. Our explanation is doesn’t for comparing Mobirise with WordPress because WP is totally on another level. Just for increasing users’ information we recommend trying Mobirise on your Desktop or Laptop running on Windows or Mac.

How to Download Mobirise for Desktop:

There is an official website of Mobirise, visit the URL. You can download Mobirise for Windows and Mac too from the official website. Or, we have uploaded the latest Mobirise version on our Cloud Storage Google Drive. To download Mobirise for desktop from our site click on the download button present above.

After clicking on the Download button, you will move towards Google Drive. There is a download button on Drive appeared page, click on that. At the next step, Google will ask you to select that account which you want to use with Google Drive. And, at the last click on the Download anyway button.

Locate the Mobirisesetup.exe file in your computer, double click on it. To install Mobirise on PC you just need to follow the on-screen instructions. Remember you have to allow the app to makes changes in your device. So, don’t forget to click on Yes when Windows prompt.

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