Download Parler for PC, Windows 10 Laptop and Macbook Air/Pro

Download Parler for PC, a unique social platform mainly used for political reviews by ordinary people. Most of the fanbase is in the favor of Donald Trump. This social platform is probably the most famous app downloaded in a limited time. John Matze is an American computer scientist who developed this app and it got overnight fame after the US election controversy. We can’t comment about the elections but the after election protests were damn serious. You can get the official app from various sources.

Parler for PC Download

Parler Website is also live, but to download Parler for PC, you have to adopt the indirect way. App is available for smartphones, not computer systems. You have 2 options either you have to use the official Website of Parler i.e Or you can get the Android version of Parler for PC Download which is also an easy way. Here is the procedure which you need to follow.

Important Note: The Parler app is no longer present on both stores, Google Play and Apple App Store. Due to some controversies and especially the favoritism of Mr. Trump, the app is reported thousand of times including authorities have not optioned left except the app removal.

How to Download Parler for PC, Windows, and MacOS

If you frequently visit then you must be already aware of downloading procedure of Parler for PC. We are writing down the procedure for the new users. They should also know how to download Parler for PC and any other Android app on Windows and MacOS operating systems.

First Step: Downloading Parler APK and Android Emulator

The Parler is not present on Google Play, such apps are not allowed at the official App Stores. So to get Parler for PC Download, you need to download Parler APK first. The app is available at multiple APK Providers Websites like or uptodown.

Useful Tip: Install the Uptodown app for PC, it is the popular Apps APK Store. So, users don’t have to individually search APKs on the browser. You can find all the best APKs in one place in it. It also works on Emulator perfectly.

Now we have to download an Android Emulator. According to our conclusion, these emulators are the best Android Emulators for Windows and MacOS. The easy user interface, smooth functionalities, Stable operations make these emulators user’s prior choice. So we recommend either go for BlueStacks or Nox App Player. We are continuing with Nox App Player, As it works perfectly on both Windows and MacOS.

Second Step: Installation of Parler for PC using APK file on Nox:

Once you downloaded the Nox App Player and Parler APK both, you need to merge both. Drag and Drop the Parler APK at Nox App Player home and click on install when prompt. Secondly, you can click on the Plus icon at home and manually upload the APK file through exploring and uploading.

The app will take few minutes to install. Once it got installed, you can use the Parler for PC without any hurdle and paywall.

So, viewers! this was the procedure to install the Parler app for PC, Procedure is the same for both platforms “getting Parler for Windows” and “Parler for Mac”. Now if you are interested in the app features and details, visit the below section.

Note: You have to activate the Google Play Services, you need to register Google Account on Google Play in Nox App Player. Click on the Google Play icon on Nox Home. Enter your already existing Google Account or Create a New Account, by clicking on the option.

How does Parler App work?

Parler app resembles Twitter a lot. Infact the post on the Parler app were the tweets mostly taken from Twitter. Just like Twitter it also works on the hashtags and “@” mentions. It was designed for the freedom of speech so that users can give their opinions freely which is not well appreciated on Facebook and Twitter.

Parler for PC

Unfortunately, things didn’t work for Parler well, Google, Facebook, and other companies were on the right side.

Why Parler App is removed?

Whenever a dispute arises between 2 parties, a sensible side always tries to solve the dispute. But, the Parler app was causing the total opposite factors. Instead of participating in the piece, they were making more fire in the Jungle. Most of the Parler users were Donald Trump supporters. They were on dominating side, but Joe’s supporters were also not less. Parler app was providing a platform to those extremists to start a social war, which can take them towards the ground war. So after a lot of reports, Google and Apple Authorities decided to remove these apps from their App Stores.

Important Notice: Parler website was hosted by Amazon Web Services. After the app removals and Parler’s viral controversies, Amazon Web Services also canceled the hosting of Parler. Now the website is live on other servers.

How do I get Parler on my PC?

As we have already told you about the removal of Parler from the web and apps stores, so we can’t get it officially. The only way left for us is to rely on the Parler APK file. The app APK file is easily available on the internet, you can find it on any random APK provider websites or App Stores. Once you get the APK file, read the procedure mentioned above. After following the steps you will be able to the Parler app on your PC.

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