Download SHARE Go File Transfer for PC, MS Windows 10 & MacOS Big Sur 11

File transfer apps are the fastest way to transfer data from one device to another. In the past, we have seen a lot of apps that offer a fast transfer using mobile hotspot technology and QR code. Now another app has arrived to join the party. SHARE Go is quite popular among Android users nowadays. This app can call the best alternative to SHAREit. Guide on how to download SHARE Go File Transfer for PC, App details and features are included in today’s tutorial.

How to Download SHARE Go For PC

SHARE Go file transfer app is developed for Android devices like Phones and tablets. Now the problem arises for the PC users, if they want to SHARE Go for PC then what they have to do. Well, you can accomplish the task not directly but indirectly. Users have required the assistance of Android Emulators that can emulate any Android app on PC.


For many years we are recommending BlueStacks and Nox App Player as they are the best. Time has changed a lot but these 2 developing better and best with time. So, again we recommend choosing one from BlueStacks and Nox. Guides on how to download BlueStacks and Nox are already drafted at

Guide to install Nox App Player

How to Root BlueStacks

Download BlueStacks from here. We are proceeding with Nox App Player, as it is good for both Windows and MacOS.

Steps to install SHARE Go for Windows and MacOS

Visit the guide to install the Nox App Player on our website. Download the Nox App Player on your Windows PC from our guide or their official website

Step 1: Emulator Installation

Once users completely downloaded the Nox App Player EXE file, visit the folder where you keep the downloaded files.

  • Double click on the Nox Exe file. Allow the app to make changes on your computer and let the app get installed completely.

Step 2: Account Registration

It is the most important step in Emulator setup and making it ready to use. Once the Nox App Player home screen appears, click on the Google Play icon.

  • Enter Google Account which is already in use means enter the existing one.
  • In Case, you didn’t’ made a Google Account yet, click on Creare a new one and complete the formalities.

Step 3: Install SHARE Go File Transfer for PC

The final Step arrives, here users have to install SHARE Go for PC and users have 2 ways to do it.

  • You can install SHARE Go from Google Play in Nox App Player. Here is the profile of SHARE Go on Google Play Store

SHARE Go : Share Karo India (Free, Google Play) →

  • Or, You can install SHARE Go APK on Nox. Download APK file from any APK provider like apkpure or apkmirror. Drag and Drop the APK file to Nox or manually upload it.

The guide is completed and you have successfully installed the SHARE Go File Transfer for PC. You can install any other Android app using the same method.

What is SHARE Go App?

SHARE Go app is a complete medium to transfer files from one Android device to another. It can also be used as data transportation when a user switches to a new phone from an old one.

SHARE Go File Transfer for PC

Most of the files and formats that Android support are transferable through the SHARE Go File Transfer for PC. For example, you can transfer media files like Videos, Images, Documents, Links, and shortcuts through the app. App supports Formats like mp4, FLV, MKV, 3gp Audio formats, Opus, MP3, Vorbis, Musepack, AAC, ATRAC. Even you can transfer Zip Files too.

Smart and Easy to use Interface

App interface matters a lot and SHARE Go app developers totally understood. Apple offers quick access to connectivity and file selection. The built-in categories let users pick the file which they want to transfer. From single file to complete folder and complete folder to whole app data. No file size limitation MBs to GBs is not a problem for the SHARE Go File transfer app.

Is it worth it?

Ofcourse the SHARE Go File Transfer app worth to be used. Our team digs down deep in every genre of Apps and Software to bring the top one best in every aspect pricing, performance, features, and comparisons.

As far as SHARE Go concerned, this app surely competes with the top apps which are also our previous recommendations. In past, we have drafted many guides on different File Transfer Apps which are also mentioned in the Alternative heading below.

Best Alternative to SHARE Go

We have many best alternatives to SHARE Go that are already drafted on our website. For example;

  • We have SHAREit for PC which is the best file transfer app ever designed and developed even better than AirDrop.
  • Xender for PC, this app is not special in Android to Android transfer but also for PC. It has a dedicated Desktop client which helps us to connect the smartphone to PC and vice versa.
  • Zapya for PC, This app is above all of the aforementioned apps. It also lets us do encrypted file transfer protected by a password. Even the devices are miles away from each other you can still perform the process fastly and without interruption.


We have examined the app personally and found this app worth a lot. Currently, the app is downloaded over 10 million times. And the quantity increasing day by day. The only thing which is missing is the SHARE Go Desktop Client or app for Windows. If someone wants to transfer files from Android to PC or Vice versa then it can’t be possible. Overall, if the Android to Android transfer is a concern this app is a complete product that you can rely on.

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