Download Telegram for Desktop, Windows [32-Bit & 64-Bit]

Telegram is one of the popular social chat services like WhatsApp. This service was launched 6 years ago in 2013. This service is extremely popular. Probably after WhatsApp Telegram is the messenger which has the most number of users. Now Telegram is the database of 250 million-plus users daily. According to reports of 2015 the 12 billion messages were daily sent on Telegram. The figures are twice the world’s total population.


Telegram Interesting Facts and Figures 2019:

Here are some latest facts and figures of Telegram reported in the year 2019. They show us how much Telegram is popular and how it worths to be used.

How many Telegram Users 365 Million
Number of Messages sent daily: 15 billion messages
Average number of messages per user 150+
Marketing amount 0$
New user signups daily 350K+
Percentage of Telegram users on Android Devices 85%

Telegram for Desktop:

It is the proper Telegram version for Desktop. The desktop version is the complete package for the users. The benefit of Telegram Desktop is the split view. You can manage the chats easily without exiting the one. Easy switching from one chat to another. All the features of the smartphone app are available on the Desktop version too. You can also do audio and video calls to anyone from your Laptop. Now you don’t need to pick your smartphone during work. Because Telegram Desktop has made the matter easy for you. Users are allowed to share media files from their Laptop to anyone. Here are the steps on how to use Telegram for Desktop.

  • Download Telegram for Desktop from the download button present above. The file is present on our Google Drive so you have selected your Google Account too which you want to use with Google Drive.
  • After Downloading you need to install the Telegram Software. Steps to install are similar to other random computer software for Windows.
  • Once installation gets completed, signup with your phone number. Pick your country, enter your phone number alongside the country code. Enter the code which they sent to your number.
  • After entering code, set your password on the Telegram account. Upload feature image or not, it’s your choice. Now you are ready to use Telegram.

Telegram desktop for windows 7 32 bit:


New Arrival:

Recently the Telegram has added the most demanded feature and i.e Night mode. This mode is the demand of all social media users regarding any platform. Telegram has added this feature. Now users don’t have to put the burden on their eyes especially at night times. Turns on the Night mode and use the Telegram on Desktop for nonstop hours.

That’s what Telegram for Desktop is all about. If you need any help then you can ask us through the Comment Box below. By the way, we have a Contact US page where you can get general assistance in any procedure or problem related to software. Our team is active for you 24/7.

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