Download Trassir for PC, Windows 11 Laptop/Desktop

Trassir is a multinational CCTV Cameras and other related products manufacturer. It is the topline brand and quite popular all around the world. They also had launched the official CMS for their cameras which are generally compatible in nature. CCTV users can also connect the Trassir for Windows with multiple cameras of multiple brands through DVRs, NVRs, and IPC.

Trassir is compatible with all prominent Operating systems like Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS. If we talk about stability then we can only say just consider it as Hik Vision and Dahua level.

Users can install Trassir for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. It supports Android 5.0 and above version, recommended versions are above Android 9. When it comes to iOS, people who have iOS 12. o or above in their iPhone can use Trassir App Smoothly.

Users have to fulfill the following requirements of installing Trassir for PC.

Supported OS RAM Requirement Memory Requirement
Windows 8/10/11 OS 4 GB 633 MB
Android 5.0 or above 2 GB 36 MB
iOS 12.0 3 GB 88 MB

Download Trassir for PC and other compatible devices through these buttons.

Download for Windows
Download for Android
Download for iPhone
Download for Android

How to Download Trassir for PC

Download the Trassir for Windows from the provided link. The below steps are written after downloading the ZIP file provided by the official developers. Currently, the file is present on our Google Drive.

Trassir for PC

You need to click on Next, welcome to the Trassir Client Setup Wizard screen. In the next step, you will face the contract session.

Trassir for PC

Agree to the terms and conditions, kindly read and accept the license agreement before clicking the Next button.

Trassir for PC

Configure Time Synchronization or skip it by checking the box, clicking Next. Trassir has an automatic synchronization feature that sets the time automatically according to your region.

Trassir for PC

Click on the Next button at the next appeared Windows.

Browse the location where you want to save the CMS on the computer. Or, you can continue with the default.

Select the additional tasks or with the default ones, Click Next.

Click on the install button, the software is ready to install.

Trassir for PC

It will hardly take a minute of you for getting ready, the software will take the due time for installation.

Trassir for PC

Click on the Finish button after the CMS successful installation.

Trassir for PC

You CCTV, DVR manufacturing company will provide you with the default username and password . The automatic configuration lets CMS automatically pick the camera to get connected with it.

That’s how you install Trassir for PC and make it ready for monitoring.  Trassir for MacOS is not available anymore so, users who want a good CMS for MacOS can use the CloudEdge for PC Mac.

What Trassir Does?

Trasssir connects the computers with the DVRs to enable us watch the live video surveillance coming from the cam. It is one of the sources that shows us the live video footaegs in real time.

Trassir deals with all scales security setup at large organization, multiple number of cameras at the warehouse, godown and factory. Also, if you just want a surveillance tool for just one or 2 cameras, Trassir will provide a surveillance services without discrimination.

Pan, tilt and zoom controls are the too normal features to discuss here. Ofcourse Trassir for Windows will get the PTZ controls on screen for you. Users can use the snapshot option for capturing screenshots in running videos. Playback the video anytime in mean time or the past ones. What else you want from surveillance tool which Trassir is not giving to you.


This is the second CMS software at the Previously we wrote about the Maginon IPC Viewer for PC which is also a good choice. But Magninon as compate to Trassir, it is nothing! Trassir is on a whole new level. Other than the official CMS, we also wrote hundred of alternative guides to download tools like Android HikConnect for pC, Wyze Cam for PC etc. You can also try that and you should! New one is always better one in technology.

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