Download Ultimate IP Changer for PC, Windows 10 [32-Bit / 64-Bit]

All tracking on the internet starts from the IP. If we say IP the root of a mess than it may not be wrong. The first element which causes an interruption in users’ privacy is our internet protocol address. That’s why people use a VPN to change their IP randomly. If you also want to secure your internet activities and keep them private than try Ultimate IP Changer. As the app name tells us this tool let us replace our IP with fake ones countless time. Anytime you want to change your IP, you can do it with Ultimate IP Changer.

Benefits of Ultimate IP Changer:

Not all internet platforms are spam. Now search engines strong algorithms quickly block the controversial and malware containing websites. But, I can’t ignore the fact that there is a huge number of sites that are not on HTTPS Protocols. If such sites got successfully what they want you can lose your important information. There is important information like credit card details, account passwords, hostings, etc. So it’s necessary to use some precautionary measures on the internet. That’s why once a wise man said once you are connected to the internet you are destroyed.

There is also a benefit that is overcoming geo-restrictions. If you are changing your IP and connecting with other country IP! Then, obviously you can use the online services which are available only there. For example, you can use the Hotstar app which is limited to India only currently if you are connected with Indian IP. So other than maintaining privacy Ultimate IP Changer can be helpful for you in other ways too.

Ultimate IP Changer is the freeware project. It is available to download on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS devices too. Here is how you can download Ultimate IP Changer for PC.

How to Download Ultimate IP Changer for Windows Laptop/Desktop:

That’s very easy to download and install any software on the PC. Because all software have the same method for the installation. And, all of them guide users through on-screen instructions.

So all you need to download the Ultimate IP Changer EXE file for PC. To do so, click on the download button given above content. Actually we upload the files on our Google Drive so you can download Ultimate IP Changer from there. Once you downloaded the file successfully, locate the file in the computer’s download folder. Double click on the setupUltimateIPChanger.exe file. Allow the app to makes changes in your device by clicking on Yes. Afterward, follow the instruction given by Ultimate IP Changer of Desktop.

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