GanzView For PC Free Download – Client on [Windows 11 & MacOS] Computers

Get Ganzview for PC Download free through this tutorial. An incredible DMS that comes with the support of PixelMaster Embedded NVRs, Digimaster H.264 DVRs, and PixelPro Camera. Got good support that makes it worth being our daily driver for camera monitoring. Also, you got many devices to support it, it is compatible with Android smartphones, iPhones with the latest iOS and Windows too. Soon the latest Windows users will get the GanzView for Win 11, the developers may take more time. Even if you didn’t get the Ganzview on Windows PC officially, Windows Subsystem for Android will emulate the Ganzview for PC Windows 11.

First, we think it is compulsory to write an overview of the software first. So, our viewers can make their concept clear, what they will get from GanzView and what they will not! Let’s begin with the GanzView Overview.

GanzView run-through

GanzView is the Driver Monitoring system that connects the Camera Network with the computer or any monitoring screen. The medium can be a DVR, or an NVR, or an IPC Network. It deals with all kinds of scales from Home monitoring, Office Monitoring, Shop Monitoring to the Mall CCTV Security, Villa Security, and Entire Head Quarters Monitoring. You can make a guess how much Powerful GanzView is.

All the Additionals and Essentials for remote surveillance are available on GanzView. Users can enjoy the features like Remote Monitoring with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. How many cameras you want to add to GanzView, Surely! it will not a big issue for the GanzView to handle. Single, quad, 9, and 16 channel access via live video streaming at a time. Even you can request additional space from the GanzView management company.

Users can make a Cloud Storage arrangement for the videos as they consume alot of space. This DMS has the video playback option during the live surveillance, that’s another appreciatable aspect.GanzView Works on the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Android and iOS apps are also available on Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

Download Links

Here is the direct download Link to install GanzView on Windows 10, 8, 7. Windows 11 users have to wait for a while.

Download GanzView For Windows

Users who want to get smartphone app on their iPhones, Galaxies, and other devices can get that from the below links.

GanzView For Android

GanzView For iOS

How to Download GanzView for PC

Procedure to download GanzView for PC and how to configure it is written below. We are taking the help of screenshots to make you understand better. Kindly, don’t skip any step written here, skipping can cause software misconfiguration or even malfunction.

Step 1 – At the DMS installation starter pack, you need to select one from 2 options. Typical and Custom! Typical will install the software with regular options. Custom will install the software with the options of what features you want in GanzView. We are continuing with the Typical option. Click on the Next.

GanzView for PC

Step 2 – Click on the Next option when the “Welcome to the DMS Setup Wizard” Screen appears.

Step 3 – Where you want to install the software, Choose the location. Or Continue with the default location. Click on the Next option after making your decision.

Step 4 – Do you want to create a shortcut of Ganzview on Desktop? Yes! or no! Click on the Next option.

Step 5 – As the software is ready to install, you need to click on the Install option.

GanzView for PC

Step 6 – Keep patience Untill the GanzView DMS software gets installed on your computer.

Step 7 – Once the installation gets complete, click on the Finish option.

GanzView for PC

Step 8 – Click on the Allow Access Option to grant permission to Ganzview to bypass the Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 9 – Let the GainView DMS load the Home screen, it will take some time while you are loading it at the first time.

Step 10 – Login with the default username and password provided by your CCTV company.

GanzView for PC

Step 11 – Add the new cameras to GanzView, Now click on the down aero next to the Configuration option.

Step 12 – A drop-down menu will open, here select the device option. The new window will open here click on the Add button.

GanzView for PC

Step 13 – You are ready to view the live video surveillance on your computer screen through GanzView for PC.

GanzView for PC

Step 14 – That’s how you install GanzView for Windows and make it ready to view the live video surveillance on your PC. This procedure was specifically for Windows users. MacOS users are not welcome here because the GanView for MacOS is not available.

For MacOS users we are writing down the procedure to install GanzView for PC Mac through Android emulators.

Installation Steps of GanzView on macOS

Likewise, the GanzView for PC Windows procedure, installation of GanzView on PC Mac is also easy. Here are the steps for downloading and using the GanzView.apk for Macbook Air/Pro and other macOS devices.

  1. Download Nox App player from our guide, or use the official source that is their website.
  2. Install the Nox on Mac and complete the initial formalities.
  3. Once the Nox home screen appears, drag and drop the APK file into Nox and click on the install option.

That’s how you download GanzView for PC macOS operating systems.

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