Install and Play DogLife – BitLife Dog Game for PC [Windows 11/10]

Dogs are not just an animal they are the best friends of humans too. For centuries dogs are the symbol of faith and loyalty, one who will never leave the owner. How it looks and feels to live a life of a god! It will be much interesting if we experience it virtually. The creators of the famous Bitlife Life Simulator got another sensational game into their credit known as Dog Life Bitlife Dog Game.

Today’s tutorial includes the following discussions;

The most famous quote about dogs is (Quote also includes the “Why” at the start but I removed it so sorry);

“Dogs are better than cats”.

The Bit Simulator players will understand the game easily because it is the dog version of that human-inspired game. I will say this game is a piece unique, the only game we saw that is focusing on the life of a dog. While playing this game, I personally felt like making a documentary on dogs’ life instead of playing just a game.

Let’s start a discussion on what is the basic them of this game, what is the motive, How to play Dog Life Simulator by Bitlife, and what are the app features. In the end, we will also answer questions like how to install DogLife – Dog Life Simulator for PC? and other ones.

What is DogLife Simulator?:

It is the newest addicting text-based life simulation game that focuses on Dogs developed by the same that gave us Bitlife Simulator. This time instead of human the developers beautifully visualizes and wrote the life of Dogs from birth to death. People who have dogs as pets will surely love to play this game. The game theme is so unique looks at how for the first time ever human will be a dog and another Artificial Intelligence Human Being will be the owner. The same creature with different roles!

Doglife Bitlife Dog Simulator for PC

Make your Decision!:

What do you like to be in a parallel universe a ruff-and-tough stray dog on the streets, an attention-hungry house dog, or man’s best friend? Maybe you like to be a little pampered, get a bit of love, receiving protocol like rich people’s dogs receive. All situations are possible in this new Dog life Simulator game. A choice and decision-based game with hundred of possible scenarios based on your decisions.

Your story is YOURS to unfold as you interact with HUNDREDS of scenarios on your journey to become the friendliest (or TOUGHEST) dog on the block.

Select Which Breed you want to be!:

Obviously, the talk about dogs is incomplete without the discussion on breeds. Doglife Simulator will let you become the breed of your choice such as a golden retriever, bulldog, German shepherd, rottweiler, pitbull, Shiba Inu, etc.

You are not just alone in the journey because you will get the company of the other dog-ified humans. Actually, players compete with each other to be on top of the Animal Hierarchy. So as a player what do you want to be a Baddest Dog or just a lazy dumb Labrador?

Decide where you want to live!:

After the humans, Dogs community is also diversified into several life standards. Some are poorly known as street dogs, some are the middle class who just enjoy daily food by owners. If we go above then we have rich and richies. Some live in a villa and some live in a mansion because they are the love of a Billionaire. Doglife Simulator lets you decide what standard you want to be in, are you ok in the streets, or in a home, or in a villa or, in a mansion. Choose the residence and the further story will continue according to your decision. Sorry, you also have an option to stay in a pet store.

Manual to Download DogLife Simulator for PC:

First of all, we need to download an emulator. There are plenty of emulators to choose from. Pclicious always bring the best so, we recommend BlueStacks to download DogLife Bitlife Dog Game on Windows. If you are a mac user and want to get this game on Mac then try Nox App Player. Over the year Nox Player has proved that it is the best Android emulator for Mac. Surely it is a reliable source to play DogLife Bitlife Dog Simulator Game on Mac. As the author is using Windows while preparing this tutorial. We are writing down steps according to the Windows method.

Doglife Bitlife Dog Simulator for PC

Download and install BlueStacks on PC. Guides on how to how to install BlueStacks 5 on Windows are already drafted. Once the installation gets completed, the emulator will be launched automatically.

  1. At the BlueStacks starter pack, you have to complete different formalities. First, you need to select the Language that is suitable for you.
  2. Now your BlueStacks is ready to download DogLife Bitlife Dog Game. Once you are redirected to the BlueStacks home screen, click on the Google Play app.
  3. At the third step, BlueStacks requires your Google Account. Enter the credentials of your Google Account (Gmail & Password).
  4. Search the term DogLife Bitlife Dog Game. Click on the Install button. After that, your game will be installed in a while and you can play DogLife Bitlife Dog Game for PC.


That’s how you download Doglife Bitlife Dog Simulator for Windows and Mac Computers. Now here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Doglife Simulator for PC

Is DogLife on PC?

No! DogLife is not available on PC. If someone wants to install and play Bitlife Dog Simulator for PC then the only way to do this is by following the method we wrote above.  Middle-party software is a must-have.

Can you get BitLife on PC?

Yes! Ofcourse you can get the BitLife game on PC. Infact we already drafted the tutorial on how to install and play Bitlife Life Simulator for PC. You must check the guide we explain the game and procedure to install it on PC briefly on

Does Android have DogLife?

Yes! Both Android and iOS got their versions of BitLife Dog Simulator Games. iPhone users can install the game from the AppStore and Android users can install the game from the Google Play Store. Infact, Android users can also install DogLife Simulator for Windows PC and Android as well!

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