My WiFi Router for PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP] – Free

There comes a time when you have to share your internet space with others. Either you are working in an office or studying in college, your colleagues can ask you to share your Wifi with them. So in such situations, what you think you’ll do? Can you trust all of them with your secure WiFi passwords? Or like to share your network without giving the actual WiFi login & passcode? If you don’t want to share your private WiFi router login with others, then try downloading My WiFi Router for PC. This app allows you to create an internet hotspot and then share it with people around you.

Everything is likable about My WiFi Router. But it works best for official work. Because now such users can connect different computers wirelessly. Perform multiple tasks, use project management applications on the same network. Even if the services are used by the admins, they can block social media apps & website which they don’t want employees to visit during working hours.

Likewise, if we talk about the students who are studying in Universities & colleges, they can use the app’s services for group studies. Join online classes together with teachers from around the globe. See online lectures and tutorials, while connected to the same WiFi or network.

Secure WiFi Hotspot Sharing Desktop App

My WiFi Router is capable of making secure WiFi hotspots for its users. The reason why it’s is that it never lets third-party users connect with your networks. Even if they try using WiFi descriptor tools, they’ll never be able to connect with your secured networks. It’s best for users who are conscious about their online privacy. People who never want others to connect with the same network. Because the software knows if any intruder can enter your WiFi hotspots, then it’ll just work like a public network. Places that are vulnerable enough that there’s no guarantee of online privacy & security.

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