Portable Crystaldiskmark for PC [Windows 10/8/7] – Free

A computer can only work as it is expected to when its hard drive is working properly. Because it’s the only source to access the installed OS services. You can’t surf the internet, watch a video or even create a single word file if your HDD is not working as it supposed to. Long story short, HDD is the essential tool to help you use your computer. Without it, there’s no point in having a PC.

Now that you know that your HDD is the only tool to help you run a PC, so don’t you want to protect it from unhealthy hazards? If yes, then try using Portable Crystaldiskmark for PC. This Windows software will help you get a know-how of your disk drives.

What Does Portable Crystaldiskmark Do?

Portable Crystaldiskmark performs plenty of duties for you. It is an HDD tool that performs a read/write test on your drives. It helps you get full detail of the performance level of your hard drive. See all the segments which can unhealthy for your HDD and make customizations to help you stop anything bad from happening.

You know that a hard drive consists of multiple disks. All of the disks need to maintain their temperature to work as they are expected to do so. If any of the disks start to become hot, then it can cause great damage to your hard drive. So to make your experience safe at all times with HDD, Portable Crystaldiskmark helps you keep a check on the temperature of your HDD.

Does Portable Crystaldiskmark Allow Two Devices?

Yes, you are allowed to Portable Crystaldiskmark on multiple devices. Either you can install the same software on other devices or use a Pen drive to claim such a reward. There is no need to create a bootable drive, just copy and paste the package installer files and connect your flash drive with your desired PC. Without any questions asked, the software will allow you to test the health of a PC’s HDD.

That’s all, thanks for choosing DroidsPC.

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