StarOffice for PC [Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit)]

Want a free alternative to Microsoft Office? If yes, then try StarOffice for PC. Because it’s a pity that the tech giant’s product Microsoft Office is a lot expensive than it is supposed to. Yes, there are a lot of great things to discuss in Microsoft Office. But not everyone is ok with emptying his/her pockets just to create word assignments & presentations. It’s a fact that most of the word, powerpoint & excel users are students or internees. People who don’t get paid by creating word files or excel sheets. That’s where, StarOffice comes handy, to help you get an intuitive but free environment to complete your work assignments.

StarOffice – Products

StarOffice package comes with three basic products, that are mainly used by students & office employees.

1) Writer

It is the alternative to Microsoft Word and can use to create whole documents. The interface of this product is user-friendly and it is made specifically for beginners. All of the basic word formats are available inside the application. You are allowed to add extra fonts, images & even symbols in your documents.

Another great fact about the Writer application is that you get to save files in the format that are supported by Microsoft Word. You are allowed to edit, create, even delete the files that are drafted in doc or Docx formats.

2) Base

This StarOffice application comes handy when you want to create a database of all your documents. You can either connect the application to a cloud storage service or just allow it to save the database file in the disk storage. This facility works best for those who don’t want to connect unsecured pen drives with their PC or they are not allowed to connect their external storage devices with the device visible at work.

3) Calc

It is an alternative to Microsoft Excel. Here, you can create spreadsheets and even make calculations according to your situation. Different algebraic formulas can be implied in this program’s environment. But you need to imply the formulas all by yourself, just like you do in Excel. However, XLS files are supported by this Application and you are allowed to access the same files in the Microsoft Excel interface.

4) Impress

It’s a substitute to Microsoft Powerpoint. In this application, a user gets to create presentations by selecting the right templates. Yes, you are allowed to create a fully customized template all by yourself, but if you are a beginner, then you may also like the default templates. You can add images and even some extra texts with different fonts & colors in your presentation slides.

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