VirtualBox for PC [Windows 10/8/7/XP (32 bit & 64 bit)]

VirtualBox brings out the beauty of technology at the doorstep of your device. It allows you to test & run other operating systems like Mac & Linux OS on your Windows PC or Laptop. Just like the Android emulators, it allows users to emulate other OS interfaces on Windows. But to use it, you need to be an expert in using Windows programs, because this software is not developed for the beginners. Also, it is not developed for slow computers. At least you should have an 8GB RAM and a fast working processor on your PC.

Why Get VirtualBox for PC?

There come situations where you have to test other OS games & apps on your PC. To be honest, you’ll never consider installing other operating systems just to test software. Also, when you have always been a user of Windows OS, then how would you know that Linux or Mac OS is going to be good for you. It seems like, now you know why you need to install VirtualBox for PC. So you can only spend time on the products which you think are worth trying.

Another reason for using Oracle’s VM VirtualBox is online insecurities. Because when you install software over the internet, you can’t be sure how it’s going to respond on your PC. It could be a virus, so why not first test it in VirtualBox. See if there’s no virus in the downloaded file or folder, only then install it on your PC.

How To Use Oracle’s VM VirtualBox?

From the start of the guide, download VirtualBox for PC’s zip folder. Now unzip it and install all the files that are added inside the folder. After installing the files, launch VirtualBox on your Windows PC. Now install any game or app, which you want to test. Just keep in mind that when this software is running in the background, your files are not running on the actual processing unit. But they are not only bieng running in the Virtual memory, which will be lost when your system is rebooted. But you can’t save files from virtual memory to the actual disk storage. So just live in the moment and when you are done, close the software and start enjoying the real interface of your PC.

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