Windows Defender Offline for PC (32 bit & 64 bit)

Pen drives & the internet have one thing in common. You can never be sure what sort of virus is waiting to hit your device while you connect to it. It’s a fact that the internet is filled with online insecurities. But are you 100% sure that your pen drive has no malware? To be honest, you never be so sure of the fact that external storage devices can harm your PC or not. So what should you do? Stop using Pen drives or look for a way to secure your computer? If you are trying to secure your PC, then Windows Defender Offline is the right product for you. It is officially owned by Micorsoft Inc.

The best way to secure a PC from malware external source malware is Windows Defender Offline. Because it is the official program that is introduced by the owners of an operating system you have installed on your computer. And it does a pretty good job of providing a safe environment for you to while using a PC/Laptop.

The moment an offline virus tries to defect your PC, you are notified instantly. When you connect a malicious hard drive, USB or CD into your computer, the software acts speedy & removes the threat from your device. If you are new to the software, you can always run a test and scan your whole hard drive any time you want.

Scan a specific drive from my computer or start scanning all of your PC. But try not to mess with the software’s processing while its performing scanning process. Because if you do, the software might crash and you may never get to discover/remove the malware from your PC.

Another good thing about Windows Defender Offline is that you can install it on external devices. Like you can easily use it on your USB while you are connecting it with a PC at library or office. You can always stay one step ahead of all sorts of malicious bugs that could hurt the data stored on your PC.

How To Use Windows Defender Offline on Windows 10?

The first thing you need to do is download Windows Defender Offline.exe file from the above-provided button. If the download button is not working, just use the Mirror Link to get the software’s file. Select the disk storage location where you want to download it. When its file is downloaded completely, open it.

The installation process of Windows Defender Offline for PC is similar to installing any other Windows application. You just need to keep following the home screen instructions and it will take only 1 to 2 minutes to install the software. When it’s done, open it and start protecting your Windows OS without paying a penny.

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