YouTube Go For PC – Free Download (Windows 10/8/7/Mac)

Tired of using the same old Youtube app while live streaming videos? If yes, then its time you try using YouTube Go. We are recommending this application because it’s one of the best open-source Youtube downloaders which is available on the Google Play Store. Guess What? You can download YouTube Go for PC and Laptop. No need to pay a penny for getting YouTube Go for Windows or YouTube Go For Mac, because now you can get it for free. We will take you onto such a guide shortly because first, we will be talking a little about the app.

YouTube Go – Overview

Millions of users access the internet to watch videos specifically from Youtube. But not all of them have enough mobile data to waste on watching full HD videos. Just because they are a user of the biggest video streaming platform, it does mean they would ever want to waste MBs of data to watch the same old videos on Youtube.

So now, here comes YouTube Go. This application lets users watch videos by deciding according to their mobile data. The app delivers a list of MBs which a user needs to select before watching a video. Yes, there are no charges implied to any user, it’s fully free and without in-app purchases.

YouTube Go For PC

Downloading a video is the same as saving a video in the official Youtube app. You can only access it by using the app but not from your device’s storage. You will have to connect your device with the internet from time to time. Because without it, the app will not be able to sync your Youtube account in it.

How Can I Watch Youtube Offline on PC?

But if you want, you can try Snaptube, Tubemate or Instube to save videos directly into your device’s storage. Because these programs work best users to download Youtube Videos on Android, Windows & Mac OS. But only if you are ok with using the services of third-party apps. In case you don’t want that, you can always try Videoder, because its a Youtube downloader which is now available for PC. All of the apps are free to use and there is no hassle is acquiring their services.

How Do I Install Google Play on PC?

With installing Google Play on PC, you will not be able to get YouTube Go For PC. Becasue this application is only available for Android phones. So the only hope for getting YouTube Go For Windows or YouTube Go For Mac is with the help of Android Emulators. Because these programs let users emulate Android applications on Windows & Mac operating systems. So if you want to get YouTube Go For PC Download, follow the guide drafted below:

Full Guide To Download YouTube Go For PC and Laptop

Like I told you earlier if you want to get YouTube Go For PC, your only hope is to get services of third-party software. But there are plenty of programs which are mostly scams. So try to only use the ones which we have mentioned in our guide of YouTube Go For PC Download.

YouTube Go For PC Download

1. Downloading & installing an Android Emulator

First of all, you need to download & install an Android Emulator on your computer. The best of which are BlueStacksNoxPlayer & Memu. If you are trying to download YouTube Go For Windows, then BlueStacks & Memu Emulator works best for you. But if you like to use YouTube Go For Mac, then we recommend you to access NoxPlayer.

2. Preparing Emulator To Use YouTube Go For PC

After the successful installation of the emulator, its time you start setting the emulator for your convenience. In the beginning, the emulator will ask you to enter a Gmail account, select a language and a payment plan. If you are trying to use YouTube Go For PC, there is no need for selecting a premium plan.

3. Installing & Using YouTube Go For PC

When you are done in preparing the emulator, it will take you straight to its home interface. Here you will have to locate & open Google Play Store. In BlueStacks & Memu, its icon is available on the home page of the emulator. But in NoxPlayer, its available inside the Google folder. Either way, when you open the play store, search YouTube Go and install the app just like you do on your smartphone. In a matter of seconds, YouTube Go For PC will be installed and ready for your use.

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